Continental Organics is a “Zero Waste” agriculture company that has pioneered new, sustainable ways of growing fish and produce in a closed-loop facility that includes recirculating aquaponics systems, indoor and outdoor vegetable cultivation and compost manufacture. Our products include Coho Salmon, St Peter’s Fish, fifty three varieties of produce and dry and liquid compost.

Our farm is located a former dairy farm 15 miles north of West Point in the beautiful Hudson Valley. The company is a certified 8-A ; Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (“SDVOSB”). Sixty percent of our employees are Veterans.


Our mission is to create commercially viable “New Agriculture” facilities that expand year-round access to ‘Same-Day-Harvest-to-Table Fresh’ natural and locally grown food that has been sustainably produced and distributed.


Our vision is to expand access to fresh, healthy natural and organic food throughout the eastern U.S.by creating a string of local farms, each patterned on the New Windsor model. These farms would employ the Continental Organics’ sustainable technologies and business model while serving a strictly local customer base within a 100 mile radius of each facility.

Since we can grow our products 365 days a year, they are a reliable source of locally grown fish & produce; a true alternative to food imported from abroad or trucked in from thousands of miles away.


The New Agriculture
We have commercialized the vision of a new agriculture that emphasizes growing methods, distribution systems and business models that integrate new technologies and ancient agricultural practices to form a in a new sustainable way of producing food.
This vision is a truly local alternative to the industrial, “big agriculture” model. Our vision is a combination of indoor fish farming, conventional outdoor organic cultivation and indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (“CEA”) and that can provide customers with reliable, dependable supply of locally grown food 365 days a year.

We applaud the ‘farm-to-table’ movement and embrace the principle vision of organic food production by refusing to use GMOs, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, growth hormones, preservatives, and antibiotics in any part of our growing system.
Our vision for Continental Organics is driven by customers who want to know where and how their food was produced…who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing their fish was not in sewer water, and their vegetables laden with chemicals, harvested before ripe, pumped with preservatives and shipped from overseas or trucked cross country.

All Natural Products
Our closed-loop system has been carefully engineered to produce the highest quality natural and organic products.

At the heart of our farm is a recirculating aquaponics system which links every component of the facility with continuously flowing water. This closed-loop is the best guarantee that we have remained true to our vision and that all our inputs are of the highest quality and natural.

The interdependent nature of our system more closely resembles nature and dictates a “No Compromises” policy. For example, the use any of the chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides commonly found in conventional agriculture would have an immediate, direct and adverse effect on the fish. Likewise, treating the fish with the antibiotics, growth hormones and Methyl-Testosterone (a sex-change hormone) used by aquaculture farms throughout the world, would jeopardize our vegetables production. And, since we compost all of our vegetable and fish waste, these contaminants would end up in our compost.

As a consequence we just don’t use them. That is our “No Compromises” pledge.

  • No GMOs
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Methyl-Testosterone
  • Organic “OMRI Rated” Fish Feeds
  • Organic “OMRI Rated” Veggie Seeds
  • No Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides or Fungicides